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Amy C. Smith for Worcester Supervisor 2021

Preserve. Plan. Maintain. Create.

Worcester Township is an oasis in the heart of Montgomery County. The beauty and rural character of our township have encouraged families to live here for generations and have inspired others to make Worcester Township their home. I am running for Supervisor to preserve all that we love about Worcester, and also to create local government that works for you – leadership that understands our challenges, works proactively to plan for our future, brings us together, and treats all residents with respect.

Preserve Open Space

Preserving beautiful vistas and creating public-use green spaces are compatible goals that can both be accomplished in Worcester Township.  Our leadership and ordinances should promote these ideals and protect us from tying up tax-payer dollars in lawsuits and legal fees. Worcester Township deserves a Supervisor who will tackle these problems with transparency and respect for the priorities of our residents.

Maintain Our Low Tax Rate

Worcester Township can accomplish open space preservation and infrastructure improvements while maintaining its low tax rate.  My years of work and volunteer experience make me uniquely qualified to advocate for Worcester’s interests at all levels of government.  As Supervisor, I will pursue grants and partnerships that will benefit our Township and residents while limiting our tax burden.

Plan for Infrastructure Improvements

Across the county and state, infrastructure improvements to our roads, bridges, stormwater management systems, and public safety plans are necessary and important. Worcester Township is no different.  As Worcester Township Supervisor, I will work hard to understand our current infrastructure needs and plan responsibly for our future.

Create Government that Works for You

Leaders should be accessible, engaged, and respectful of all residents.  Everyone wants to live in a community where they can communicate openly with their elected officials and know that their concerns will be met with a genuine desire to listen, understand, and find resolution. As Worcester Township Supervisor, I will work to create a culture of respect, collaboration, and problem-solving.


7/4: Skippack 4th of July Parade

7/6: Meet & Greet with Worcester Voters

7/10: Worcester Day of Action

7/14: Meet & Greet with Worcester Voters

7/17: Worcester Day of Action

7/20: Dessert with the Dems–Worcester Democrats Annual Picnic

7/21: Worcester Township Board of Supervisors Executive Session
& Monthly Meeting

7/24: Worcester Day of Action

7/27: Worcester Zoning Hearing Board

7/28: Worcester Comprehensive Planning Update

7/31: Worcester Day of Action

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